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Best Foods For Weight Loss – Blueberries For Weight Loss

By Phyllis Smeltzer / November 23, 2015

March 11, 2011 an earthquake of magnitude 9 occurred off the east coast of Honshu, 160 km east of the city of Sendai and 400 km north-east of Tokyo. Although Japan is a highly seismic region, the event has surprised the experts by its size and location. This is an earthquake the most violent of […]


safe weight loss diet

By Phyllis Smeltzer / November 14, 2015

In three minutes, estimated duration of the earthquake, the crust broke about 500 km long and 150 km wide. The many GPS stations have constituted a map of ground motions: the east coast of the island slipped four meters while the West has moved only a few tens of centimeters … The earthquake was followed […]


Easy Weight Loss Plans Guide

By Phyllis Smeltzer / November 3, 2015

The archipelago is located at the junction of three tectonic plates , the Eurasian, Philippine and Pacific, with an additional small plates, like that of Okhotsk. The Pacific plate is sinking beneath the Eurasian plate along the Japan Trench at a rate of 8.5 cm / year. A small region of Eurasia provides a buffer […]


Home Remedies For Lose Weight, Effective Weight Loss Recipe

By Phyllis Smeltzer / October 25, 2015

These disparate movements cause stresses that build up during non-earthquake and relax when suddenly the earthquake occurs. An outburst of energy that causes a rupture of the crust. March 11, 2011, the Japan Meteorological Agency provided an estimate of the earthquake magnitude of 7.9 within 3 minutes after the earthquake. The agency at the same […]


My Weight, Fitness And Ideal Body

By Phyllis Smeltzer / October 5, 2015

To improve knowledge, we must also densify the installation of instruments (seismometers, GPS) to the surface of the globe to monitor seismic activity and have much information to understand the phenomena, says Thorne Lay, and consider that strong earthquakes occur in areas where we do not provide. UNDERSTANDING: Plate tectonics Plate tectonics is a theoretical […]


How To Lose Weight In Just 10 Days: How To Lose Belly Fat

By Phyllis Smeltzer / October 2, 2015

The innermost layer of these micro-tubes consists of platinum and simultaneously serves as a catalyst in the reaction of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen. This forms oxygen bubbles that are ejected from the micro-or nanotubes, and thus lead to a rapid and directed movement of the tube. By an external magnetic field can movement, […]


Top Weight Loss Foods

By Phyllis Smeltzer / October 2, 2015

The micro-and nanotubes are produced by the technology of the bracing-driven rolling up of thin layers of titanium, iron and platinum. Thin layers are deposited on surfaces that the layers are under extremely high mechanical tension. During detachment of the layers a portion of the strain energy is released, so that the layer rolls up […]


Lose Weight Fast With Cosmobody Full Workout Plan!

By Phyllis Smeltzer / August 22, 2015

In an article published in Molecular Biology and Evolution, Damian Labuda, Department of Pediatrics, University of Montreal (Quebec), indicates that it has identified on chromosome X a section of DNA different from the others who made comparison , seems to be a Neanderthal heritage. This sequence is found among peoples of all continents, including Australia, […]


Five High Fiber Foods For Weight Loss

By Phyllis Smeltzer / February 12, 2015

Characteristics of the remains of the techniques used by Neanderthal Man were found near the Arctic Circle. Their dating, estimated at 8000 years after the disappearance of theoretical Neanderthal Man, raises many questions. A culture ever discovered around the Arctic Circle The Mousterian culture, which developed during the Middle Paleolithic (-300 000 to -33 000 […]

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