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Exercise Tips For Seniors : Hip Alignment Exercises

By Phyllis Smeltzer / February 3, 2015

The results indicate that they date back 28,500 years, 8000 years after the alleged disappearance of Neanderthal Man. “At this time we find, throughout Eurasia, that crop-specific Upper Paleolithic Homo Sapiens” explains Ludovic Slimak. This discovery raises many questions about the users of the Mousterian culture near the pole. Especially as the various dates produced […]


Good Weight Loss Foods Tips

By Phyllis Smeltzer / January 22, 2015

The Mousterian culture, which developed during the Middle Paleolithic (-300 000 to -33 000 years), is distinguished by the use of a very diverse range of tools on flakes. In Europe the use of these tools has been exclusively associated with Neanderthal Man but the excavations indicate that the Middle East of the Homo Sapiens […]

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