Basal Dental Implants India | Gum Problem In Tamilnadu

My name is Sakthivel.

I am coming from Singapore.

I came here for my dental treatment.

I had some.


I had some gum problem and Iintended to do some Implants and some.

what do you call that.

some treatment for my dentalproblem.

I was introduced by my friend Mr.

Varda whom is also a Singaporian that.

thisplace is good and I just wanted to try it off.

My first impression of this place wasvery surprisingly I see many young doctors.

At first I was thinking that I came to a wrongplace coz I did’nt see any senior consultants or senior doctors.

Basically everyone hereis young doctors.

Very qualified.

I remember.

At the initial stage, I did’nt have anyconfidence but when the process.

when the process goes on, my confidence became greater.

Right from the initial start where they do the assessment followed by the treatment andfollowed by the.

what do you call these.

checkups and all that.

I am very touched thatin such a short period of time they can do all these things very sincerely with competence.

With great competence.

So at this point of time, I have already finished my Implantsand all that and hoping that everything will be fine and I will be coming back in 3 monthstime to get my permanant implant( teeth ) done.

I take this opportunity to thank the doctorsand nurses whoever has contributed during my stay or during my treatment, I like totake this opportunity to thank them and hope that this they will progress.


in avery fast, a fast period and hope that everybody will know this.

what do you call that.

LASERdental service in time comes.

Thank you.

Source: Youtube