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There are a whole lot of problems that serve as a reason for the upper back pain between the shoulder blades. Continue reading more about Denver Colorado Chiropractors For Upper Back Pain Treatment, The pain is, usually, associated with herniated discs, osteoporosis, sciatica, problems with the spinal cord, rheumatoid arthritis, compressed vertebra or one of many other related physical problems. These ailments need professional treatment in some cases – even surgery.

The Upper Back

The thoracic spine includes the upper part of the spine corresponding to the chest. There are twelve vertebrae in the upper spine, each of the nine vertebrae in the upper section attach to a rib. These ribs curve around the side of the body attaching to the frontal breastbone.​

The pain strikes suddenly, anywhere and at anytime perhaps while you are driving to work in the morning an excruciating pain hits between your shoulders, or perhaps when you are giving final touches to a report on your desk. In both the cases, back upper pain struck when you were doing a simple every day activity.​

Causes of the upper back pain

Upper back pain is caused due to several reasons. It may have been the result of an old forgotten injury. It can also be caused due to sitting on a poorly adjusted seat. Whatever the cause of the pain, you know when it strikes. In such a situation it is best learn a few stretches that may lessen the upper back pain and keep it in check. Following are some simple exercises that have been adapted from physical therapy and yoga. They will surely serve your purpose.​

Generally, physicians believe that upper back pain is caused due to irritation in the muscles and repetitive motion injuries. The shoulder girdle is attached to the shoulder blade (scapula) with large muscles, and the rear portion of the thoracic rib cage. These large muscles of the upper back develop irritation that is very painful and hard to get rid of.​

Usually, upper back pain and muscular irritation are the result of the de-conditioning or injuries caused due to overuse. Sports injuries, muscle strains, accidents or other injuries can cause upper back pain.​

​There are two joints that connect the ribs with the vertebrae in the thoracic spine. A dysfunction in one of these joints also results in upper back pain.

The upper back portion of your body can also get strained due to incorrect posture. The problem of strained back can get serious when this incorrect posture is attained for longer periods of time. This ailment of upper back pain generally effects those people who work all day in front of a computer. The upper back pain is, in certain cases, also accompanied by pain in the neck, arms and shoulders.​

Dysfunctional joints and myofascia are the two major causes of the upper back pain. Myofascia, generally, is muscular pain which is caused by strained muscles caused due to active physical activities. Another cause of Myofascia is overusing muscles or a sudden injury. The affected muscles, in this case, are the ones that support the shoulder blades.​

Perhaps you have a habit of hunching forward in your car your chin jutting out before the steering and your arms tense as they grip the wheel. Perhaps you have a habit of holding this same incorrect posture when at your office desk? This posture can strain the upper back area leading to a number of painful episodes.​

Upper back pain can be assessed and treated with the help of medical professionals. The professionals can also help a patient in overall pain management.​

Treatment for the upper back could depend, largely, on the actual cause of the pain. Generally, the causes of such pain are related to the cervical spine and the neck.​

Prevention for upper back pain

Apart from the sharp annoying pain stated above, people often experience a dull aching between their shoulder blades. This type of trouble is usually muscular in nature and can be treated with a few simple exercises.​

One of the most common causes of this upper back pain that hits between shoulder blade, is regular poor posture. When people have poor posture, there is extra pressure on the muscles of the neck which cause of upper back pain.​

In this regards, the very first thing is to know that the pain is caused due to poor posture. Consult the family physician. However, it is imperative that you seek a way to get rid of this pain.​

Exercise is one of the best treatments for getting rid of excruciating back pain. Exercising not only loosens the muscles, but also makes you maintain a proper posture at all times that will keep the pain away.​

  • One of the best stretches for loosening muscles is to sit down and extend your legs straight out in front.
  • Reach for your toes by bending forward. Hook your fingers to your feet. If you cannot do that, stretch the arms forward as far as you can. The act of bending helps loosen the lower back muscles, whereas stretching your arms helps loosen the upper back muscles.
  • Do the exercises as gently as you can – do not try to do everything at once. Do not bounce. It can strain even sprain your muscles. It may even cause vertebral injury.

​Stretches for Relieving Upper Back Pain

  • Keep your seat adjusted at all times in order to attain the right distance from your steering wheel. The same goes for your computer screen at the office. Bend and relax your elbows. Always keep them in a comfortable position. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed at all times. Your hands must also be relaxed.
  • Lumbar support is also essential while sitting up straight. Also try this same stretch at any stop light or before the car moves. Rest your hands on the edge of the desk once you finish work on your computer. You will notice how effective this safe and simple stretch can be.
  • Pull the upper part of your right shoulder gently towards the center of the steering, or the lower part of the monitor. Breathe regularly pausing only a moment as you feel into the stretch. Next, bring up the same shoulder, then press the shoulder back and down the seat at your back.
  • Repeating this exercise several times will make the upper back pain disappear. Do the same exercise for the opposite shoulder.

Tension in the upper spine can also be reduced with the help of back arches.

  • Again, sit up straight and relaxing your hands and shoulders.
  • Push the center of your back towards the seat. Bring the shoulders forward. Hold the position for a few moments. Breathe Deeply.
  • Slightly shift your rib upwards. Breathe once again. Do this arching movement a few times.

​Over time these stretches will become an automatic response whenever the pain strikes. Muscle strength that will help you avoid the causes of distress and achieve upper back pain relief.

  • With your finger, push the neck in one direction while the muscles in your neck push your head in the opposite direction.
  • Hold a ball against the wall with your head. This exercise will serve to work out the muscles of your neck. Start by holding the ball, then pushing the ball against the wall ten or twenty times. Continuously, push it against the wall for twenty to thirty seconds.
  • Correct your posture by standing straight and holding your head high. Roll back your shoulders; lift them keeping the spine straight. Correct your posture by pointing your chin forward and lifting your head.

​Denver Colorado Chiropractors For back pain Treatment

Pain medications also help in bringing relief to upper back pain. Anti-inflammatory medicines are the most widely used medication in this regard. Injections, however, are not generally recommended.​

According to Denver Colorado Chiropractors, alternative treatment for upper back pain includes chiropractic therapy in order to activate the joints and decrease the discomfort. Long-term cure requires a robust exercise program at home aimed at stretching the shoulders and the spine, and strengthening them. Aerobics is also an important activity for maintaining sustained relief from upper back pain.​

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