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 “Now that we know there are many super-Earths around red dwarfs close, we must identify more using HARPS and future instruments. Some of these planets must pass their stars during their orbit – this perspective opens the possibility to study their atmospheres and search for signs of life, “says Xavier Delfosse, another team member.

It’s almost summer in the northern hemisphere of Mars .. season for a vortex, like 20 km high MRO observed by the probe.

For the first time a vortex was observed Mars from orbit of Mars by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. March 14, the HiRISE camera photographed a “dust devil” as the Americans call (dust devil), amounting to 20 km high. The vortex crossed Amazonis Planitia in the northern hemisphere of the planet, approaching the summer solstice.

NASA has designed an animation from the images of MRO:

This type of vortex is formed in good weather (on Earth as on Mars), when the soil warmed by the sun in turn warms the air that is above. If the air is dry, and therefore unstable, there are good chances that it starts rising to swirl. This column of air and results in rotation raises dust, which makes it visible. She can not reach the force of a tornado, which originates at the base of a cloud.