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The innermost layer of these micro-tubes consists of platinum and simultaneously serves as a catalyst in the reaction of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen. This forms oxygen bubbles that are ejected from the micro-or nanotubes, and thus lead to a rapid and directed movement of the tube. By an external magnetic field can movement, acceleration and direction changes of the tubes in a very simple manner be controlled remotely. More, even the loading and unloading of the transported cargo through the micro-tubes is possible through a magnetic field and precisely controlled. In initial experiments were already up to 60 styrofoam balls and some metal nanoplates are transported through the liquid.

Another promising strategy is the development of the self-powered micro-missiles with enzymes as catalysts. These consist of rolled titanium-gold layer and the enzyme catalase, which is common in animal cells and hydrogen peroxide decomposes into oxygen and water very effectively. Thus the driving force is increased significantly so that will be ten times higher speeds than previously achieved. In addition, micro-drives of this type are better suited for use in biological systems.