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along the ocean ridges, they are so divergent.

Convergence zones are another type of boundary: this is the subduction zone where tectonic plate topped with an oceanic crust sinks beneath a continent. The Pacific Rim is surrounded by subduction zone at the origin of volcanoes that form the famous Pacific Ring of Fire. Finally, in some places, two tectonic plates slide abutting one another along and create a zone of fault like the San Andreas Fault, California.

Thin layers that curl themselves into tiny micro-and nanotubes whiz, with its own drive and magnet controlled by fluids. With this result, scientists are at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW), a world record, which has now been confirmed by the “Guinness World Records ltd”: the smallest man-made jet engines in the world.

The vision of the researchers is to design and produce complex nanomachines that are as capable of transporting small amounts of drugs and targeted to deliver a suitable place. Following the example of biological organisms to artificial micromachines using the chemical energy of their environment and use it for their own transportation. For these micro-and nano-missile under its own power, the research team led by Prof. Dr. Oliver G. Schmidt already have specific ideas for self-powered micro-containers usually are titanium, iron and platinum layers of tubes of about 5 micrometers in diameter and about . rolled up 50 micrometers in length.